Fakers donít see fruits

As I do  and feel godly

Energy flow from tops

To the body below me


I listen, I heal, I promise

Rosebuds and drink catnip

To their relief and I

Feel the strength of me


Yard sale bathroom cabinet

Second on the left, Iíve got

To stop someday, not now

With this soaring head


Iím a natural reiki mistress

Initiated by only the best

Or was it third? Oh my

Hair needs another dye


The middle row of course

I wasnít clear, three or four?

Wish I had soft peaches!

And my hair! Canít see it.


Itís four today,  Iím stable

A month and Iíll deal with

Three of them is better and

I want them to my shoulders


Preferably golden strength

From the universe shall come

Make it grow to three of the Ö

Heart pumps less, I whisper


Bromazepam should stop

Its course to the bottom

I hardly see the orange skin

And whom shall I call today?